Brand Strategy

Not sure where to even begin? I work with small businesses to help build out a thoughtful marketing strategy that will meet your business goals. This includes determining who your target market is, what channels will be most effective in reaching that audience, and outsourcing the best talent to bring your marketing plan to life.


Brand Development

Having a brand identity is essential if you want to stand out. Oftentimes, I’ve found that the heart of the brand is created the moment a founder has the idea for their business. Therefore, rather than push my personal taste on a brand, I work closely with you to amplify the brand’s soul, by developing a brand voice and aesthetic that effectively reaches your target audience.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the least sexy and most efficient form of marketing, in my opinion. I help build segmented audiences so that you’re getting the most bang for your buck from each email. Copywriting, content sourcing, and reporting on metrics are all included. 

Customer Support

I’ve always considered customer service to be an extension of marketing, because one positive customer interaction can have a powerful impact on the way people talk about your brand. I’m available to respond customer support inquiries and responses to email blasts.


My experience blogging began with writing my personal travel blog and eventually evolved into blogging for brands. The key is to tell stories that will captivate your audience, so that they feel more connected to you or to the brand you’re building.

Social Media

Everyone knows that having a social presence is essential to the success of your business, but fewer know exactly what that entails. I build social strategies & am available to execute against that strategy: Writing copy, sourcing content, managing your community, providing customer support, managing influencers, and reporting on analytics.

Influencer Marketing

You can tell people how beautiful, tasty, life-changing, incredibly innovative and delightful your product is all day long, but it won’t mean as much when it comes straight from the source. I work with social influencers to build authentic relationships so that they’re singing their praises from the rooftops, while staying in alignment with your brand.


Content Creation

Influencers can be a great resource for helping you create content. Besides building strategies for influencer support, I’m available to build out your feed with product photography, simple graphics, and sourced user content.


Events can be an incredibly powerful way to gain customer loyalty. By creating an experience that evokes an emotional response, it’s very likely that people will not only get exposure to your brand, but feel attached to it. I have experience working on large-scale events like the Nike Women’s Race Series and the Nautica Malibu Triathlon as well as organizing smaller events like influencer networking events and local beach cleanups that are hosted by the brand.